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Dream Star Designing
Dream Star Designing


We require payment up front for your website our OnDemand Service

As soon as we receive payment we get to work on your website our OnDemand Service.

You can view the website as we build it so if any changes can be made right away.

Please View the Videos Below of what I can offer you.


Please view the video below as an sample of the work I can do for you.

OnDemand Plans Instructions

Here my company will Design you, our your company an website to promote your services our company, our event.

If you want me to create an video of your event you can choose it from my plans has to be in Northern Ireland our South of Ireland as long as pay petrol Money to travel to event.

On Demand Plans

  • Plan 1: Vintage Event (Make Video) £10.00 Deposit then Final Payment £10.00
  • Plan 2: 1 Page Website ( 6 Videos, 6 photos, Shop with 6 Products) £10.00 Deposit Final Payment £20.00
  • Plan 3: 2 Page Website (2 Page with your content) can choose from
  • Plan 4: About us Page £5.00
  • Plan 5: Contact us Page £5.00
  • Plan 6: Services Page £5.00
  • Plan 7: Gallery Page (6 Photos) £10.00 (extra photos £1.00 Each Photo)
  • Plan 8: Plans Page £5.00
  • Plan 9: Shop Page (6 Products) £10.00 (extra product £1.00 Each Photo)
  • Plan 10: Blog Page £10.00
  • Plan 11: Map Page £10.00
  • Plan 12: Social Media Buttons and linked to your website £10.00
  • Plan 13: Flyer for your vintage event our event £5.00
  • Plan 14: Promote on Facebook £5.00
  • Plan 15: Create a Facebook Page our Group £10.00 and link it to your website

Now all these Plans need an domain and hosting so show prices below

  • Plan 16: Domain £15.00 Per Year
  • Plan 17: Hosting £5.00 an Month

Now the buy now button you have to input the amount and check out please email me the plans you want with numbers of plans.

Now all these services I teach you how to do them yourself like how to update your webpage and buy domain and hosting.

Video To buy for your OnDemand Service
Video To buy for your OnDemand Service
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OnDemand Service

Here to pay for your OnDemand service you buy an video of what we offer.

Then as soon as I receive Payment I email you for your instructions for your OnDemand Service.

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